Raising Kids to Do Hard Things Conference with Gregg Harris

We would like to heartily invite you to attend…
Raising Kids to Do Hard Things with Gregg Harris!
Gregg is the homeschooling father of Joshua, Alex, and Brett Harris, authors of I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Joshua) and Do Hard Things. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, Gregg’s work helped launch the Christian homeschooling movement. He is a pioneer of homeschooling who speaks with integrity, and what a privilege to have him in our area! 

“Come learn the key principles of how to win, train, coach and inspire your children to go the distance and do hard things for the glory of God, and the good of your household, your local church and your civil community.”  
6:45-9:45 pm, Sat. April 13th, 2013

Free registration at http://www.nobleinstitute.org/#/events/register.

This event is for all ages. Invite your friends!
Antioch Community Church
1600 Power Line Road
Elon, NC 27244


Gregg will also be speaking at Savoring Christ Church on Sunday, April 14th, at 10am and again at 6pm.
Savoring Christ Church meets at Piedmont Baptist Association’s Gymnasium, 2009 Sharpe Rd. in Greensboro, NC – just off the Lee St. exit on 1-40. Gregg will speak on Uniting the Church and Home. 
“You can’t spend much time with the Harris children…without concluding that their parents have done something remarkable, and have earned the right to be heard.”
– Randy Alcorn, Author of Heaven & If God is Good
“Gregg Harris’ vision of family life is unmatched in its clarity, passion & practicality.”
Nancy Pearcey, Author of Total Truth & Saving Leonardo
We look forward to seeing you there!

About C4FIC

The Council for Family-Integrated Churches exists to promote reverence for the gospel in order to reform the church and restore the home as an embassy of the kingdom of God.
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